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Marcel Wolterinck


041_2012_BR_Borek_preview-1-300x300 Marcel Wolterinck


The great force behind Wolterinck is home designer Marcel Wolterinck. With his team, he designs interiors, exteriors, gardens, patios and products. Working from his base at Wolterinck’s World, his store in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands, he ensures that spaces at home and abroad undergo the Wolterinck metamorphosis – one that is always based on peace, rhythm, and symmetry. His use of colour is sober and his materials are pure. He always tries to connect the ‘indoors’ to the ‘outdoors’.

Borek by Wolterinck

The collection Wolterinck made is new in both shape and material use. Marcel Wolterinck: “I got my inspiration from gardens that appealed to me, and which exuded peace, rhythm, and symmetry. Another important aspect to me is that the interior of the house matches the space outside. A smooth transition between these worlds gives one a good feeling and increases the overall size of the living environment.” This ‘good feeling’ needs to be reflected in the furniture as well. “First and foremost, a chair needs to be comfortable to sit on and, secondly, I like to use new and special materials, e.g. the rope in the Modena series. Furthermore, ease of use is crucial. The couch from the Horizon collection is easy to handle because of its aluminium frame. Due to the loose elements it can be turned into a larger couch or a corner couch, if desired. The cushions provide both pleasant comfort and a nice contrast to the taut horizontal lines of the collection. Basically, our collaboration has led to a successful new  collection, one I am very proud of.”

Collection by Marcel Wolterinck

Borek-Aluminium-Samos-low-dining_preview1-150x150 Marcel Wolterinck


Borek-Rope-Cosenza-lounge_preview-150x150 Marcel Wolterinck


Borek-Belt-Modena-chair-Roma-table_preview-1024x7331-700x300-150x150 Marcel Wolterinck


Borek-Aluminium-Horizon-lounge_preview1-150x150 Marcel Wolterinck