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The combination of three brands in three different segments is unique in the market. Thereby, the brands can not only be used separately, but can also be excellently combined. This flexibility is valuable, not only for consumers, but also in projects where the brands are successfully integrated. Read more about our mission and the creation of Borek parasols | outdoor furniture below.

Our mission

At Borek parasols | outdoor furniture, we are driven by our power of innovation, constantly striving to introduce new concepts that change the market. Whether it's the revolutionary ropes we launched in the 1990s, or today's pioneering low- and high-dining concepts, we continue to push boundaries.

Our mission is based on selectivity, striving for exclusivity and sustainability in our market approach. We cherish our exclusive partnerships and strive for long-term relationships. It is our passion to offer our target customers the attention, service and quality they deserve. We believe that success starts with a beautiful shopping experience and clear explanations, allowing our partners to perform at their best.


Together with a team of talented designers with extensive experience and a strong reputation for design and innovation, we have been creating beautiful outdoor furniture for almost five decades. At Borek, we strive every day to find a balance between design and functionality. We draw inspiration from various influences from the world of design and fashion. Our outdoor furniture and parasol collections offer unique styles that meet different needs. We continue to continuously explore and innovate.

While the designs and ideas within our company evolve daily, one value remains paramount for us: authenticity. Borek stylishly brings indoors and outdoors together. Enjoy your garden and terrace to the full with our high-quality outdoor furniture.

At Borek, we strive for groundbreaking innovation and exclusivity, driven by a deep commitment to quality and design

Frank Bogaers

In 1977, Wil Bogaers - the father of the current director/owner - took the helm and founded Borek after his adventures as a helmsman on the high seas. Borek entered the Benelux market as a pioneer, with high-quality wood stick parasols and free-hanging floating parasols. In 1988, Frank Bogaers joined the Borek team. Together with a passionate and dedicated team, a wonderful brand has been created.

We moved to the upper end of the market in the 1990s, focusing on quality family businesses in Belgium and entering the hospitality market with deliveries to luxury hotels and restaurants.

In 1999, we opened Bogarden, our pilot store, to receive more direct feedback from consumers. Our second brand, Max & Luuk, saw the light in 2013, named after Frank Bogaers' sons, and positioned itself under the Borek banner, retaining its own identity over the years.

In 2019, we introduced our third brand, Yoi, which means 'good' in Japanese. Yoi offers European models with Japanese influences and is in the upper mid-range segment. We aim for exclusivity and sustainability, with currently 20 carefully selected dealers in the Benelux.

It is essential to us that our target groups get the attention, service and quality they deserve, and that they can get the best possible inspiration in attractive showrooms with clear explanations.

Sponsoring & Events

We proudly support events that celebrate the passion for sport, lifestyle and the outdoors. In doing so, we go beyond setting up lodges and stands; we strive to create and share valuable networks with our partners and participants. Our sponsorship is not just about visibility; we share our values and strengthen relationships within the networks in which we operate. Whether providing comfortable seating during sporting events or creating a sophisticated outdoor experience during design fairs, Borek remains committed to enriching our environment with stylish and functional outdoor furniture.

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