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Bertram Beerbaum

Bertram-Beerbaum-definitief-verkleind-web Bertram Beerbaum

Bertram Beerbaum started his career in interior design just after finishing his study, and over the past 20 years has worked his way up to becoming the owner of KABAZ, a well-known architectural design company in the greater Amsterdam area. His style is bold, daring, chic, contemporary and at the same time always functional. A passion for craftsmanship, creativity and pure materials are the main criteria for each and every product.

His desire to integrate interior design with product design in order to create conceptual and yet comfortable homes has resulted in his own product design line, Bertram Beerbaum.

KABAZ clients in the Netherlands and abroad appreciate integrated indoor and outdoor designs. Landscape architecture, outdoor furniture and the holistic blend of interior and garden design are essential  to comfortable living.

“I want people to enjoy design. So together with Borek, we have developed an outdoor furniture line which fuses bold design, function and fun in a way that allows you to stylishly and comfortably enjoy outdoor living. When designing the Twisk outdoor furniture collection, we paid special attention to comfort, strong horizontal lines and creating a relaxed look and feel. The horizontal lines emphasise the width of the chair and the low chair backs amplify this effect. The cushions give the collection a relaxed feel and invite you to take a seat. Honest materials such as wood and aluminium give the collection a rugged, yet sophisticated look. This way you can easily carry your comfortable indoor style right through to your outdoor living space.”

Collection by Bertram Beerbaum

2017-Borek-teak-alu-Twisk-table-chair-and-lounge-chair-by-Bertram-Beerbaum-parasol-Rodi-graphite-4x3 Bertram Beerbaum