By Studio Borek

Stylish Innovation in Outdoor Furniture: Pasturo
The Pasturo collection, manufactured in a unique iron-grey colour specially developed for Borek, is a real eye-catcher. Besides the striking colour, the Pasturo models are distinguished by their elegant rounded design, which gives them a playful look. Despite their graceful look, the Pasturo furniture is sturdy and durable, made of coated stainless steel and high-quality Ardenza Rope. This versatile collection includes chairs, lounge chairs, two-seater sofas and generous 'daybeds', complete with weather-resistant cushions in the new colour 'Sooty'.

Designed by Studio Borek

Studio Borek's Pasturo collection offers innovative outdoor furniture with a unique iron-grey colour and elegant design. Made of durable coated stainless steel and high-quality Ardenza Rope, these furniture pieces exude style and quality.

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