By Studio Borek
Rapallo: Comfortable and airy seating with cool elegance

For those who like comfortable seating with an airy yet cool look, the Rapallo series, designed by Studio Borek, is well worth considering. Rapallo consists of a sofa and armchair, both available with an aluminium frame in chalk colour with a cool, wide white-taupe band. Weaving the band in a different way from the traditional way and the bright colour scheme create a more airy weave. The back cushions also do not cover the entire backrest, preserving its openness. Rapallo's slender legs also contribute to the airy design.

Designed by Studio Borek

The Rapallo designed by Studio Borek combines comfort with an airy, cool look. With an aluminium frame in chalk colour and a wide white-taupe band, this furniture exudes modern elegance.

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