Eric Kuster

With Eric Kuster, Borek has really brought in a top designer. His beautiful designs can be found worldwide and are of unprecedented allure. Like no other, Eric Kuster succeeds in putting a sense of unprecedented luxury into his designs.

The Lincoln collection, designed by Eric Kuster, exudes a warm and natural charm. With a powder-coated aluminium frame and Ardenza Rope, this series offers two beautiful combinations: an anthracite aluminium frame with dark grey Rope or a sand-coloured frame with matching Rope. The Rope is made of high-quality thermoplastic synthetic thread that is fully coloured, making it water-repellent, UV-resistant and fungus-resistant. Cleaning is easy with the Borek Fabric Cleaner and for extra protection, the Rope can be treated with the Fabric Protector.

The Eric Kuster collection