Product designer

Jan Willem van Elten

Product designer and maker with a passion for form and technology.

As a product designer, Jan Willem van Elten strives for accessible design with its own identity. He also describes it as "an everyman's friend with character". From the introduction of the YOI brand in 2020, Jan Willem has been closely involved in the development of the various collections. As a starting point for the designs of the different collections, Japan was used as a source of inspiration. The peace and rhythm of the slatted structure and lines of the rope armchairs give these pieces of furniture an Oriental touch. For Borek, Jan Willem designed the Coimbra collection. The combination of teak, coated stainless steel and thick high-quality cushions gives this collection a sleek look but also a soft comfortable seat.

It is precisely this tension of contrasts between "hard and soft", "warm and cold", and "airy and solid" that completes the Coimbra armchair and sofa.

Jan Willem van Elten
The collections of Jan Willem van Elten