Bernie's Bar & Kitchen

Bernie's Bar & Kitchen offers a unique blend of historical significance and modern flair. Guests can enjoy delicious food and drinks while overlooking both the pit lane and the Tarzan corner within Circuit Zandvoort.

Year realised
Circuit Zandvoort
Applied brands

Borek meticulously designed and furnished the terrace of Bernie's Bar & Kitchen at Circuit Zandvoort with great care and attention to detail. This project brought together our three brands. The setup includes Joe high dining tables from Max & Luuk, known for their elegant and modern design. These tables are perfectly complemented by the stylish Mira chairs from Borek. Additionally, there are the Wakai sets from YOI.

For the parasols, a conscious choice was made for batyline fabric. This material is exceptionally resistant to extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for a location like Circuit Zandvoort, where strong winds are almost constant. The batyline fabric not only provides reliable protection against the elements but also enhances the overall ambiance and comfort of the terrace.

With this thoughtful combination of high-quality furniture and durable materials, Borek has created an inviting and functional outdoor space where guests can relax and enjoy. Whether it's a sunny afternoon or a windy day, the terrace of Bernie's Bar & Kitchen always offers a pleasant place to stay, with views of both the pit lane and the iconic Tarzan corner.