Hotel Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam

For Waldorf Astoria in Amsterdam, we have embellished the outdoor terrace with comfortable outdoor furniture. With our brands Borek and by Max & Luuk, we have created a stylish outdoor environment for the summer months.

Year realised
Waldorf Astoria
Applied brands

Restaurant Spectrum's terrace, awarded with two Michelin stars, is enriched by our carefully selected furniture pieces. Whether enjoying a culinary experience or relaxing with a drink, our furniture contributes to the special atmosphere of this hotel on the Herengracht. 

For the hotel, we have supplied George tables from our Max & Luuk brand. These tables look modern, are spacious and extremely suitable for dining and catering occasions. The George table is complemented by Frias chairs from Borek. The restaurant also chose to complement the terrace with Colette armchairs, with the Lennon side table as a finishing touch.

Discover the unique experience on Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam's terrace, where style and comfort come together thanks to our high-quality furniture.