Restaurant Oonivoo in Uden

Oonivoo, located in beautiful Uden in Brabant, has not only revamped its name and décor, but also given the terrace a complete makeover! Thanks to Borek's beautiful Modena and Cosenza lines, the terrace now exudes a sleek and stylish allure.

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Restaurant Oonivoo
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Oonivoo's terrace has been completely revamped, courtesy of beautiful furniture from Borek  The combination of dining, lounge and low dining creates a perfect balance between comfort and style, completing the picture.

May the revamped terrace be a place where guests can enjoy culinary delights and relaxation in stylish surroundings.

Discover for yourself the sleek and stylish look of Oonivoo's terrace in Uden. Take a seat and be enchanted by the ambiance created by Borek's beautiful furniture.