Tuinrenovatie Oisterwijk

At this villa, designed by Knops Buitendesign, where tranquillity and outdoor living come together seamlessly as an extension of the interior. We were able to contribute to this oasis of serenity with our Borek furniture. Thanks in part to our furniture, we were able to create perfect seating areas that ensure relaxation and enjoyment.

Year realised
Knops Buitendesign
Applied brands

Along the refreshing pool, we have placed luxurious loungers where you can lounge and enjoy the sun's rays. In addition, lovely Leno beanbags have been placed, inviting ultimate comfort and relaxation in the outdoors in a playful yet chic way.

On the adjacent terrace, which acts as an extension of the house, you will find our beautiful Hybrid dining table. This functional and stylish piece provides the perfect setting for cosy dinners and relaxed moments outdoors, with the comforts of home at your fingertips.